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How Can I Improve My Grade for Edexcel Geography?

Does anyone have tips for edexcel geography I got a grade 3 but like I do want a higher grade but have no clue how to revise for it




Can Deforestation Lead to Economic Gains?

Hello, Please could some mark my 6 marker for AQA Geography. Using an example, justify the conomic gains of deforestation. Doferestation js the mass removal of trees from a large area of land. It brings both many advantages and disadvantages. Deforestation in Malaysia has allowed the Bakun hydroelectric power dam to be built. This means that sustainable energy can be provided to local industries, helping them to thrive. As they grow, this means that they can pay more taxes to the government. These taxes can be reinvested in facilities such as education and healthcare. Deforestation for energy can bring some economic gains and be advantageous to some extent. Despite the construction of the Bakun HEP Dam bringing many economic gains, it flooded large areas of rainforest, resulting in money being needed for those trees which were flooded to be replanted. Deforestation provides jobs for local people. Mining in Brazil has provided many jobs and has contributed towards the economy. In 2018, Brazil exported $28bn worth of metals. Jobs in the mining industry provide locals with wages, improving their standard of living. Conversely, deforesation may have a negative impact on the tourism industry, leading to a fall in income, therefore having economic losses. However, I feel that the economic gains in the mining industry outweigh the economic losses in the tourism industry, therefore deforestation can be quite economically beneficial for a country's economy. Thank you in advance for your responses.




How to Achieve a Grade 9 in GCSE Geography?

Hello, How to get a 9 in gcse geography ? Thank you in advance for your responses.




What Are the Best Ways to Revise for My GCSEs?

Does anyone know best ways to revise most subject I start my gcse in 4 months and I failed my mocks in November I really wanna do well but Idk how to revise